Sculpture Lion Of Judah Limestone

Cooee Design

  • The Cooee X Kristiina collection is deliberately selected to create harmony between the rough sculptures and Cooee’s minimalistic range. With choice of color, shape and size in mind.

    “ The imagery or a lion reflects the powerful and majestic but also kingly nature of the lion as here the lineage of Judah as that of kings”

    Material: Concrete
    Measurements (cm): W:19,5, H:25,5
    Weight: ~ 5200g
    Design: Kristiina Engelin

  • Cooee X Kristiina kollektionen skapar harmoni mellan den levande ytan på skulpturerna och den matta, lena ytan på Cooees andra produkter. Kollektionens färger, form och storlekar är anpassade för Cooees övriga produkter, så att man enkelt kan skapa fina grupper. 

    ”Bildspråket eller ett lejon återspeglar lejonets mäktiga och majestätiska men också kungliga karaktär, den som härstammar från Judah så som kung”

    Material: Cement
    Mått (cm): B:19,5 L:25,5
    Vikt: ~ 5200g
    Design: Kristiina Engelin

  • We recommend using only a dustpan on the sculptures when needed. 

    We recommend that you store the product in it´s original packaging when not displayed, this to prevent damages while in storage.

  • About Kristiina Engelin

    Kristiina Engelin is an artist and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works mainly with the elements of human body in her sculptures where she has developed an own style that is unique with clean lines and shapes but at the same time have raw and structured surfaces. The inspiration for the art work comes from her interest for art history and she lets the ancient anatomy emerge with cubist form. Therefore she calls her own style for ancient cubism. The sculptures´ characters such as the dreamer, thinker or simply the head let the spectator to vision what they could express and they also have names that mean something special.
    Kristiina´s sculptures has been exposed in numerous numbers of magazines and has occurred in different social media platforms over the globe.

Type: Objects

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