Pastille Vase 20cm Black

Cooee Design

  • A stylish ceramic vase. The vase is hand made and hand painted which makes every piece unique. The hand painted vase has a matte, soft surface which have become a hallmark for our products. 
    Pastille vase has a great slim fit for a window or a narrow shelf.

    Material: Ceramic
    Measurements (cm): W:6, L:20, H: 19
    Weight: ~ 800g
    Design: Cooee Design  

  • En stilren vas i keramik. Vasen är handgjord vilket gör varje exemplar unikt. Den handmålade ytan är matt och mjuk vilket har blivit ett signum för våra produkter. 
    Pastille vasen är smal och passar fint i ett fönster eller i en smal hylla. 

    Material: Keramik
    Mått (cm): B:6, L:20, H:19
    Vikt: ~ 800g
    Design: Cooee Design

  • The hand painted outer surface should only be cleaned using a soft cloth, if needed add a small amount of water on the cloth and gently wipe the dirty area. It’s important that you wipe the vase completely dry afterwards.
    We recommend that you store the product in it´s original packaging when not displayed, this to prevent damages while in storage.

    The inside of the vase is glazed to hold water, but as ceramics is a porous material we recommend that you let the vase dry between usage from time to time.

Type: Ceramics

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