Malak Earrings Gold Plated

Cooee Design

  • Malak is a pair of earrings in a shape of a beautiful face, designed by the Swedish Artist Kristiina Haataja.

    The origin of this name is messenger which in this case means angel.

    Material: gold plated brass (Nickel free)
    Measurements (cm): 2 x 3,1
    Weight: ~ 4g
    Design: Kristiina Haataja 

  • Malak är ett pack örhängen i form av ett vackert ansikte, designade av den svenska konstnären Kristiina Haataja. 

    The name Olufemi comes from the Yoruba language and means ”God loves me”. 

    Material: guldpläterad mässing, nickel fria
    Mått (cm): 2x3,1
    Vikt: ~ 4g
    Design: Kristiina Haataja

  • Do not use jewelry as you bath, shower, or in a sauna. The jewelry can also be damaged if used while sleeping. Be careful with chemicals that’s in your everyday products, such as perfume and hairspray. The best way to store the jewelry is to place it in a small plastic bag. In this way, the jewelry is not exposed to air or moisture that can oxidize or discolor it.

  • About Kristiina Haataja

    Kristiina Haataja is an artist and designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works mainly with the elements of human body in her sculptures where she has developed an own style that is unique with clean lines and shapes but at the same time have raw and structured surfaces. The inspiration for the art work comes from her interest for art history and she lets the ancient anatomy emerge with cubist form. Therefore she calls her own style for ancient cubism. The sculptures´ characters such as the dreamer, thinker or simply the head let the spectator to vision what they could express and they also have names that mean something special.
    Kristiina´s sculptures has been exposed in numerous numbers of magazines and has occurred in different social media platforms over the globe.

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