Christmas Deco Winter Bird Brass

Cooee Design

  • Elegant Christmas deco hangers in thin brass with gold thread. Comes in 7 different motifs. Sold as a 4-pack. 

    Material: Brass coated stainless steel
    Measurements (cm): W:5 H:4
    Weight: ~ 2g - Sold in a pack of 4

  • Eleganta juldekorationer i tunn mässing med guldtråd. Finns i 7 olika motiv. Säljes i pack av 4st.

    Material: Mässingspläterat rostfritt stål
    Mått (cm): B:5 H:4

    Vikt: ~ 2g - Säljes i pack av 4

  • Clean the surface using a soft cloth. If needed, add a small amount of water and gently pat the dirty area. Dry the area with a dry, soft cloth.

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