Sculptures Lion of Judah, Dreamer and Pebble Heads

Cooee X Kristiina

Kristiina Engelin is an artist and designer based in Stockholm. She works mainly with the elements of human body in her sculptures where she has developed an own style that is unique with clean lines and shapes but at the same time have raw and structured surfaces. The inspiration for the art work comes from her interest for Art history and she lets the ancient anatomy emerge with cubist form. Therefore she calls her own style for Ancient Cubism. The sculptures´ characters such as the dreamer, thinker or simply the head let the spectator to vision what they could express and they also have names that mean something special. For AW21 Kristiina has designed 5 new sculptures for Cooee; Lion of Judah, Dreamer and the three People Heads; Aaron, Nadab & Abihu.

All new items are made in a new colour: Coal as well as Limestone.

Lion of Judah

“ The imagery or a lion reflects the powerful and majestic but also kingly nature of the lion as here the lineage of Judah as that of kings” - Kristiina


“ To be a dreamer is a good thing since one can not become a doer if they are not first a dreamer” - Kristiina

Pebble Heads

“ Let these three be symbols of all the wrongdoings but also that we can make right from the beginning” - Kristiina


Candlestick 13cm

A welcomed addition to our Candlestick family; Candlestick 13cm. During AW21 we have added colour; Shell, Olive and Coconut in the 21cm and 29cm as well.

Uma Candle & Uma Tealight

A simple shaped serie of candleholders; Uma Candle and Uma Tealight. Both available in Black and Sand.

Deco Leaf Hangers

Leaf thin decorations in brass. Sold as 4-pack in four different leaf shapes.


Meet our new red colour, Berry. A warm, soft addition to the sophisticated Cooee palette. Available in Trumpet 16, 30cm and Pastille 15cm.



Mistletoe Candle

Mistletoe shaped candleholder in brass.

Christmas Deco Hangers

Leaf thin Christmas decorations in brass. Sold as 4-pack in various shapes; Mistletoe, Candy Cane, Drummer Boy, Christmas Tree, Acorn, Caramel and Winter Bird.



A beautiful decorative tree in three sizes; 10, 15 and 20cm. All sizes are available in Sand, Olive and Black.

Lykke One & Lykke Three

Designed as an infinity knot, Lykke is a calming presence that works both as a warm light giver and as a beautiful object. The lightness and subtle movements of the flame stands in contrast to the heaviness of the knot. Lykke possesses a sculptural quality that pleases the eye even when not in use.