Coming collection - Autumn Winter 2019



Lars Tornøe

Lars Tornøe is a Norwegian designer based in Stavanger, Norway. After graduating with MA in Design from the University of Bergen in 2006 he focused on collaborating with other designers and later went on to found his own studio. Today he works with a diverse selection of Nordic brands within different product categories. Many of his products have been acclaimed with awards, museum acquisitions and international exhibitions.

Clover is a simplified interpretation of classical porcelain styles that might bring items from grandmothers kitchen to mind. Arranged in a triplet, the curved surfaces generate a design language that is both botanical and geometric.

- Lars Tornøe

The Clover collection contains three sizes of vases and a flower pot. All products come in black, white, dark green and mud. The inside of the ceramic is glazed in the same color as the matte outside.





Hans-Christian Bauer

Originally from Norway, Copenhagen based designer Hans-Christian Bauer holds a Masters degree in Industrial Design and Architecture, from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen (2010). Since his graduation, he has gained experience as a industrial designer and product developer for Kähler, &tradition, Menu, Norm Architects and Mencke & Vagnby.

This season Hans-Christian Bauer has designed a collection for Cooee. The collection includes both candlesticks and book stands.

Book Ring is a light and elegant book Support. A product that almost disappears when it is in use, but finishes your book series with a graphically great circle that almost floats in the air.

Swoop is a light and elegant candlestick that draws threads back to the classic candlestick- with handles, but in a modern and playful shape. The handle makes it easy to move around.

Vinkel is a candlestick that is of course suitable for advent, but can be used all year round

- Hans Christian Bauer








-Make the vase pop-

This season Cooee is launching a collection with dried flowers. They will be available in both popping colors like cobolt and bubblegum pink, as well as earthy colors like white and ginger.
The flowers is a great addition to you with our vases!
They are beautiful in themselves, but can also create nice contrasts when being combined with fresh flowers.