NEWS Cooee Design Collection SS21


Trumpet Vases

With its beautiful neck and rounded bottom, stems and flowers fall softly towards its edge. Meet our two new vases: Trumpet. The smaller vase measures 16cm. The higher vase measures 30cm. Colours available: Shell, Olive and Black.












Its organic form, like a seed capsule, creates shadow play and gives life to this beautiful product. Characteristic of the Drift collection is the rough, sandy surface. The smaller vase measures 10cm. The higher vase measures 14cm. Colours available: Vanilla, Walnut & Pepper.

Designer: Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal










Drift Floor Vase

The Drift vases accompanied with it's bigger sister; the Drift Floor Vase. Beautiful shaped with it's wave liked structure and rough and sandy surface. The Drift Floor vase measures 55cm and comes in the Vanilla colour.

‘’The nature around us is constantly shaped by the elements. From the major changes through the ice ages to weather’s daily impact on a mountain birch and sand on a beach. Soft lines and organic forms are created. Even a seemingly straight horizon has a slight curve. In our homes, we are surrounded by straight lines and digital surfaces, so a soft shape on an object can be a welcoming and comfortable place to rest our eyes.’’ 

- Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal

Designer: Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal







New Colour: Peanut

A beautiful, warm beige to welcome spring. Sophisticated, warm and calm. Beautiful in combination with the other colors but just as nice alone. Peanut is our new nude color for spring.

Peanut - a beautiful color complement to spring earthy palette.

The Peanut color is offered in Ball vase 8cm, 10cm and 20cm.




New Colour: Olive

A beautiful, soft green that welcomes spring. A bouquet of crispy, French customs panes. Freshly cut willow cushions on a twig. Poppy beautiful shades in an Olive colored vase on the table in the spring sun.

Olive - a beautiful color complement to spring earthy palette.

The Olive color is offered in Ball vase 8cm, 10cm, 20cm and Pillar Vase 32cm.




Pillar Vase 24cm - New Colour - Shell

For SS21, our loved Pillar Vase 24cm, is also available in Shell.