Coming collection - Spring / Summer 2020

Woody Bird

Design by Eddie Gustafsson


Eddie Gustafsson is a Swedish designer who works out of a studio nestled in nature of Sweden's Småland region, known for its prolific design industry. As a creative problem solver, he continuously inspects his surroundings and social context for ways to improve people's lives while making them more beautiful. Striking the right balance between the functional and the aesthetic is what drives his design process.

"The design of woody bird is inspired by old handicraft. My goal was to create a volume utilizing outer contours only, resulting in a minimalist product with a minimal material consumption."

-Eddie Gustafsson


Available in MARCH 2020

Coconut & Shell

The new colors will be available in several vases and trays!


Available NOW!

Cooee X Kristiina

Design by Kristiina Haataja

Sculpture Leah

‘’Leah is one of our precious arch-mothers of the world.
She represents many unwanted women therefore the name
resound their positions of grief but in the end they
will be the ones who bring glad tidings and love to us.’’

Sculpture Bless
‘’Rejoice in all the goodness when you hold your hand out and
receive the blessing of God, and wonderful things in life.’’

Wire Boaz

‘’This man’s name means strength and a
sharp mind. It refers to strength within
mankind which is great traits and pillars
to build good humanity.’’

Wire Ruth

‘’The name derives from the word ”friend”.
A friend is also known as a big hearted
person towards others, such sympathy is
rare and a keeper for life.’’

-Kristiina Haataja

Heavy Tealight & Shoulder

Design by Hans-Christian Bauer


Hans-Christians's collection with book ends ans candleholders has now grown with a new marble, Travertine. The Travertine marble will be available on Heavy Tea light and Shoulder.

‘’Heavy tea light candle holder is an elegant expression of weight. The massive marble column gives enough weight to keep the brass light holder steady right above the column, without a direct connection between the two bodies. ‘’

‘’Shoulder is a marble book stand inspired by human shapes and a study of how the marbles changes character with the different cut angles. The veins of the solid marble gives Shoulder a distinct natural expression. Shoulder can be used in both vertical and horizontal position. ‘’

-Hans-Christian Bauer


Available NOW!

Dried Flowers

Several new colors are soon launching in the dried flowers collection!


Stay tuned!


Available NOW!