Knot Table Small Dark Silver

Cooee Design

  • Knot Table is a beautiful object in the shape of an eternity knot.

    The production of the Knot collection is very technical process of manufacturing and every piece requires manual work. The Knot Table comes in two sizes and four colors.

    Material: Electroplated Ceramic
    Measurements: (cm): L:11,5, W: 9, H: 6
    Weight: 170g
    Design: Cooee Design

    This product will be in stock in October / November. If you order this item in combination with items that are in stock, the order will still not be sent until Knot is in stock.

  • Knot Table är ett vackert objekt i form av en evighetsknut.

    Knot-kollektionen har en mycket teknisk tillverkningsprocess och varje verk kräver manuellt arbete. Knot finns i två storlekar och fyra färger.

    Material: Electroplated Ceramic
    Mått (cm): L:11,9, B: 9, H:6
    Vikt: 170g
    Design: Cooee Design 

    Denna produkt kommer att finnas i lager i oktober / november. Om du beställer denna artikel i kombination med varor som finns i lager kommer beställningen inte att skickas förrän Knot finns i lager.

  • Use only a duster when cleaning the product. Avoid using brushes, steel wool or chemical detergents, since the surface is sensitive to objects that can scratch. Also the product can’t be exposed to the sun for a long time. Can’t be machine washed. Oxidizing reaction can cause color fading.

    Pads are included in the package to prevent the product from being damaged when moved around. We recommend that you store our products in their original packaging when not displayed, this to prevent damages while in storage.

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